i'm not proud of this by any means, but i just read a
nicholas sparks novel. and, to make matters worse, i somewhat enjoyed it.

after years of prodding by friends and developing a concrete resistance to such suggestions, i finally broke down. while i would never admit a sparks's novel into the category of literary masterpiece- or anywhere near that- i do have to admit it was entertaining. {though i should also admit that i could guess the entire plot of the novel, "twists" and all, by the end of the first few pages.}

i guess every once in a while a girl just needs to lose herself in a cheesy, romantic novel full of charming, though unrealistic characters and dialogue.

the timing of this novel was perfect. i had just finished a few dark, intense books on the opression of women, genocide in darfur and sex trafficking in southeast asia. a nicholas sparks novel is just what i needed.

{though to protect my reputation, i must also add that i am currently reading the devil in the white city with water for elephants waiting next on my bedside table}

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