little notes

dear sam.
i'm so happy you made the trip to chicago from denver. {also to lizz and maggie} it was great to get lunch and catch up with you all. i miss all of my medill friends. we really need to get together more.

dear metropolis.
you are indeed one of my favorite coffee shops in chicago. i can't wait until we can share another weekend afternoon.

dear big star.
you are the reason i look forward to march. your food is absolutely delicious {and greasy}. i just wish it didn't take an hour to order your amazing burgers. opening weekend, i suppose.

dear jenny.
thank you so much for covering me at work so i can go to new york for a week. i truly owe you big.

dear dave at u.s.cellular.
i really appreciate your help getting a new phone. you made the process far simpler than i expected. i am writing a letter to u.s.cellular so they also know how great you are.

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