thoughts from a roadtrip

first, woah, what a long ride, why did i volunteer to come?
my sister did a great job keeping us calm while driving though chicago traffic in a moving truck towing a car behind.
welcome to indiana - the crossroads of america. it smells.
diet coke is your best friend.
maggie rode through most of ohio asleep with her head on my knee. good idea. there was nothing to look at.
moving trucks are not comfortable, especially for three people.
pennsylvania is beautiful but very high. my fear of heights coupled with my driving anxiety didn't make it an easy trip through pennsylvania. i took lots of pictures though.
scranton, penn. is fare more interesting to look at than The Office shows. still cool to drive though the city of a favorite show.
truck stops do not serve any healthy food whatsoever.
the hudson bridge is beautiful. especially when lit up at night.

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