little notes.

dear knot club.
hello. glad to be a member. i hope i live up to the high standards and reputation.

dear wilson.
i'm glad we bumped into each other and a quick hello turned into a cup of coffee and hour-long chat. we should bump into each other more often. i'm always up for coffee and good conversation.

dear friend.
i'm so sorry you and your long-time boyfriend broke up. it's a terrible situation and i am here for you, always. i hope you two work things out. but with that said, i'm glad we've gotten to spend more time together.

dear "sisters".
i cherish every day we spend together. i'm so glad we were able to get together again, especially when cake is involved. let's make more reasons to get together.

dear midwestern weather.
i'm confused. is it spring, summer or fall? please make up your mind.

{photo via abbytryagain}

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