My sister has a friend named Lester. Lester is about 70 years old {most likely closer to 80 than 70}. He's the kind of man that would make Studs Terkel foam at the mouth for an interview. In my limited conversations with Lester, I've found out that he makes his own seasonal grappa {the kind that can put a little hair on your chest}, honors the vernal and autumnal equinoxes with parties, makes his own jewerly and other wood-workings, used to manage a Chicago night club complete with "ladies" and is adapt at "collecting people" {but not in the John Wayne Gacy kind of a way}.

He is also every kind of -ologist that you can think of. Yesterday, I found out that he is a graphologist as he proceeded to analyze my handwriting. He said my small handwriting, crossing my Ts low, leaving limited empty space on pages and dotting my Is rather than drawing circles {or God-forbid hearts} above them means I am intelligent, non flighty, not overly self-conscience and am frugal. Yep, that sounds about right. I was a little surprised when Lester began explaining my writing, but I would like him to take a little more time and go over it again. I find it very interesting.

Check out a few sites on graphology here and here. I've been reading up a little more on it lately.

{P.S. Wouldn't you love to talk with Lester for hours about his life? I think he would make a lively character in a book.}

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