I logged into Twitter this morning to find that #13thingsiwant as a trending topic. {For those of you who do not 'tweet,' this means many people are responding to #13thingsiwant in their tweets and including that # to tag them.} I usually don't comment on anything that's not trending {except for the Packers winning the Superbowl, because, well, they're awesome}, I guess I'm not trendy enough.

This one though sounded like a bit of fun, so here are 13 things I want {within reason and in no particular order}:
  1. Cubs/Packers/Blackhawks/Badgers season tickets {cheating, I know}
  2. Fabulous vacation somewhere in Europe, preferably Italy, Spain or Germany
  3. A good high school teaching job
  4. No more student loans
  5. Jeep Wrangler {how great would that be during beautiful weather?}
  6. New summer wardrobe {and fall, winter and spring for that matter}
  7. An English Mastiff named Kane
  8. A house {with a big yard for Kane}
  9. Golf course in my backyard
  10. A personal chef
  11. Huge collection of books {think library in Beauty and the Beast}
  12. A nice TV and a million movies {and time to actually watch them}
  13. A cottage on Washington Island, WI

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