Healthy living

I've been working out a lot lately. This isn't just a New Year's resolution, but actually an effort to change my life... I want to be healthier. I want to eat healthier and workout more to improve my health and general well being. I joined a gym and have been doing well so far going consistently. I know I am not as active today as I was in college and therefore am taking it slow. I don't want to get burned out too early or discouraged from continuing the healthy process. My cousin, a previous college athlete, has helped me develop a workout routine that will target the areas I want and will, hopefully, not be so overwhelming that I quit or don't reach my full potential.

I do admit though, there have been days that I have felt disheartened. It is difficult to continue down a difficult road when you cannot clearly see the results. I have to keep telling myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. It has somewhat become my new mantra. I have also contemplated creating an "encouragement board." Not a virtual Pinterest one in which I must actively seek out, but instead an old school magazine collage to hang on the fridge or kitchen wall as a constant reminder of my goals. I hope that as I continue leading a healthy lifestyle, I will no longer crave the bad habits I used to have and instead this healthier lifestyle will become second nature and a part of me. It is still early so I am not certain the effect it will have but I have high hopes and strong determination. 

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