The power of Twitter

I recently discovered a Twitter campaign executed by students at my former high school to get Aaron Rodgers, QB of my beloved Green Bay Packers, to attend events put on by those students. Apparently, suggested by Student Council members, students bombarded Aaron Rodgers (@Aaron Rodgers12) with numerous requests via Twitter. From what I hear, Rodgers recognized the determination of the Bradford High School student body and has agreed to look at their requests.

I love this for two reasons: 1. Students took action themselves to use social media to reach their goal; 2. This shows the potential power and use of social media in education. If students can use Twitter to connect with an MVP quarterback in the NFL, they can use it to connect with fellow students, educators, professionals and others to add to the educational experience.

I applaud the students for their determination on this task and also the student council advisors for encouraging students try new methods and use Twitter to collaborate with other students to meet that goal. Good luck, BHS students; I hope you get the response you want. 

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