Thought-provoking application questions

As I was completing an application for a new teaching position, I came across this question: "If there were absolutely no restrictions placed upon you, what would you want to do in life?" Wow, what a simple, yet incredibly difficult question to answer.

I would travel the world exploring the different scenery, cultures, languages, histories and people. I would talk to everyone I could during these trips and listen to their stories; and possibly write a book on my experiences and their lives. How amazing would that be to actually travel to the places that I read about constantly and talk face to face with someone who lives within a culture I find fascinating?

I know that I would be so fascinated by everything that I learned throughout these journeys that I would have to share and discuss everything with others. I have always held the idea of writing a book in the back of my mind. The topic and format of the book tends to change over time, but the idea remains constant.

For a while, I was writing short stories and a fairly constant pace, but the writing of those has declined over the years. It is something that I would like to eventually begin doing again, but I never feel like I have enough time. I know, I know, if I wanted to do something enough, I'd make time. As of now, I am enthralled by the idea of creating a collection of Chuck Klosterman-esque essays. Though I may not possess quite as much snark as he does. 

I'm sure my book plan will change at least a dozen more times before I even attempt to begin writing. Still, I do plan. 

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Christening the Papa-NeeNee

This past week, my friends and I gathered together to christen a new boat the "Papa-NeeNee." She had bought the boat last fall but was unable to put it in the Milwaukee Harbor until this past weekend. It's a beautiful boat-- complete with a full living area below deck and a spacious seating area up top. Even more beautiful than the boat was the weather. We were able to cruise down the river before sunset without even a blanket to stay warm. After a relaxing night on the boat, we enjoyed a delicious fish fry at the Yacht Club. Amazing night. 

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