my year in photos

January: rang in the new year with good friends.

February: a one-on-one with Chicago's mayor Daley. all part of being a Medill reporter.

March: harborside.

April: Easter with the family.

May: one of the many baseball games I went to this spring.

June: on the train to my masters graduation at Northwestern University.

July: spur-of-the-moment trip to Memphis with friends. lovely city.

August: a trip to Arizona with some of my best friends. it was hot.

September: changing colors.

October: homecoming football game, and lots of others too.

November: warm colors and cold nights.

December: a lot of cuddling with this cutie in bed, reading.

{february image taken by mayor daley's photographer}


baby shower

one of my best friends from college is having a baby in less than a month. i am so excited.

i'm going to her baby shower tonight, which i'm sure will be complete with a wisconsin badgers theme {and purple, of course, thank god she's having a girl}.i got her some baby toys and a few outfits - one is badgers, of course. i'm just so excited to meet her baby girl. i really don't know how she's so calm.

{image via fb}


a few good bands

i'm constantly searching for new music. not necessarily because i'm tired of listening to what i have but because i love music and i enjoy hearing new bands. i have a very eclectic taste in music too, so it's pretty easy to find something new.

here are a few bands that i've been listening to a lot lately and think everyone else should also hear:


simply having a wonderful christmas time

Merry Christmas!!

{image via ohhellofriend}


happy weekend

Happy Friday! It's officially Christmas week, which means last-minute shopping trips, Christmas movie and present wrapping marathons, ugly sweater parties and overloading on peppermint fudge, cookies and eggnog. I'm so excited! I have a white elephant/ugly sweater party at a friend's tonight, brunch tomorrow and some last-minute shopping, lots of baking and wrapping planned for the rest of the weekend. And they're predicting snow!!

Happy Weekend!

{photo via weheartit}


new years resolution update

the new year is approaching. every year at this time i get a little bummed that the year is over. i'm excited to start a new year. i have to make a new new years resolution list. i feel that big things are ahead.

here's how i did on last years...

learn Italian.
{definitely didn't do well with this one. though i did learn some sign language if that makes up for it at all.}

stay in touch with friends more.
{it was tough, but we've all kept in touch pretty well, especially considering the hundreds of miles between us. i think i can always do better though. this may make a reappearance on the list for next year.}

read good books in bed.
{done. and lots of not-so-good books. i have been compiling a pretty big list of new books and authors to read next too. i'm pretty excited about some.}

write more.
{yes and no. i originally meant short stories, but i didn't do too well with that. i have been writing a lot of essays and commentaries though. i like it. it's fun.}

make plans and commit.
{not sure what i even meant by this. but i think i have. mission accomplished.}

Read my original resolutions post here.


rwanda reading

in less than two months, one of my best friends starts her two year peace corps assignment in Rwanda.

i'm so excited for her because we have been talking about this day for the last four years, but i'm sad i'm not going to see her for a while. coincidentally, Rwanda used to be one of out greatest movie and book addictions. however, our Rwanda consumption revolved mainly around the genocide, as most people's Rwanda thoughts do. i know a lot about the country's struggles and tortured history, but not much about what the government and citizens have done to rebuild after those bloody days.

because my best friend is going to Rwanda and because i want to sleep at night while she is there, i started to read more about the positives. the reconstruction after the genocide 15 years ago. it's amazing what they have been able to do. now, i am excited to hear jessi's stories.

so far i've read As We Forgive by Catherine Claire Larson {great book} but i have a whole list of others. i'm going to have to read a ton to balance out all of the genocide books i've read.


little notes

dear holiday shoppers.
please don't be stupid. especially while waiting in line. thanks.
p.s. no checks.

dear egg nog.
you are the most delicious part of christmas. i wish i could drink you year-round.

dear snow.
i love waking up to your blanket in the morning. even if that means scraping my car windows before work. you are welcome to come back any time.

dear smallville.
it took me almost nine years but i finally found you. and oh how great you are.
also, major points for another sci-fi babe.

dear christmas music.
i'm glad others have finally accepted you as i did months ago. happy listening.

dear squirrels.
please stop teasing my cat early in the morning. i don't like waking up to clemente racing between windows and whining.


bright lights

There aren't many things that make me happier around the holiday season than Christmas lights.

Seeing the bright bulbs twinkling in bold colors against the softness of the snow always makes me smile. I can't help it, they always make me a bit happier. I especially love the brightly colored ones. White, gold and blue lights are pretty and definitely fit the winter theme, but the other colors, the rainbow bulbs are more cheerful.

If I had my way, people would leave their lights of year-round so every night would be filled with a bit more cheer. But maybe that would ruin the charm and specialness of the lights.

{photo via photobucket}


first snowfall

...snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
silver white winters that melt into springs
these are a few of my favorite things...

Today was the first official snowfall of the year. Sure, it was mostly flurries, but some of it stuck. I'm really excited! Snow is one of my favorite things ever; it's even my favorite smell as weird as that sounds. It has this clean, fresh and even crisp smell to it. It's comforting.

Snow is the real reason I could never leave the Midwest. In any other climate, I would miss the cold coziness of wrapping in a blanket of snow. There's just something perfectly peaceful about cuddling with a warm blanket and mug of hot chocolate on a snowy winter day.

I know it's still a little early to build a snowman, but flurries won't be flurries forever. And I'm looking forward to the day they turn into blizzards.

{photo via weheartit}


dear december

you are my favorite month of the year, there are just so many things about you that make me happy.

... snow, peppermint, hot chocolate, sledding, quilts, candy canes, christmas, stockings, thick socks, mittens, scarves, blizzards, snowy movie days, white, red, green, twinkle lights, candles, snowflakes, penguins, building snowmen, holiday spirit, wrapping presents, snowball fights, bing crosby, the bishop's wife ...

... to name a few...

Happy December!

{image via weheartit}


little notes

dear madison girls,
i'm so glad i got to spend the weekend with you. i miss you all so much.

dear snow,
i'm ready. you can come any time you want.

to my three year old friends,
turkey is not "disgusting," it is delicious. you will learn this someday.

dear trivial pursuit,
i love spending nights with you. you know just how to make them better.

dear library,
thank you for carrying such an expansive array of Christmas cds and dvds. you put me in the holiday spirit.

dear starbucks barista,
yes, when i ask for a mocha i would like espresso in it. please remember next time, thanks.

{image via we heart it}

this weekend

i was lucky enough to spend this weekend with some of my best friends from college. it's so hard to get together now that we're all in different places in our lives: grad school in D.C., med school in Chicago, med school in Memphis, working in Phoenix, Madison and Milwaukee... but this time it happened to work out great!

we sipped wine over a fabulous Italian dinner, watched disney movies and stayed up late talking about everything, ate a delicious breakfast at the green lantern {a restaurant on the lake, not a gay bar in DC :)}, met for coffee and more long conversation with friends {and had the best tomato bisque soup i've ever had} and even did a little shopping.

GREAT weekend with AMAZING friends!

i'm just sad that one friend flew in all the way from South Carolina and i didn't get to see him. it all can't work out so well, i guess.


thanksgiving pleasures

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays {right after Christmas and July 4th}. I love any excuse to get family together, eat good food and just relax.

... family, turkey, stuffing, board games, apple cider, cinnamon, packer football, vacation days, pumpkin pie, macy's thanksgiving day parade, miracle on 34th street ...

... to name a few ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

{image via weheartit}


new moon

I jumped on the Twilight train a little late. So late that I didn't have to wait at all for a book release but instead read through all four in a couple weeks. {I have no patience so this worked out perfectly.}

It was tough waiting for the movies though. I was really excited for the New Moon release... until about a month ago. That's when the hype, anticipation and obsession just became a little too overwhelming. I don't want to choose 'Team Jacob' or 'Team Edward.' I don't want to be bombarded with advertisements, talk-show appearances and mentions every time I turn on the TV or flip open my computer. It's just too much; makes me lose interest.

A month ago I was really excited to see New Moon. Now, I think I may wait until it hits video stores.

{I also find both of the main characters to be slightly annoying.}


happy thoughts

I've been having a pretty rough day so instead of being gloomy, I decided to make a list of things that make me happy.

1. christmas music
2. pumpkin spice lattes
3. white wine
4. supernatural
5. fall colors
6. scarves
7. my cuddly cat
8. trivia
9. miracle on 34th street
10. autobiographies

{photo via flickr}


christmas wish list

It's about that time of the year. Time to figure out your wish list for Santa.

You'd think this would be easy, but it's not at all, at least not for me. It can be a long, tortured process of lists, evaluations, second guesses and eliminations. I know, this sounds way too serious, but I always want something until I write it down. Then, it never seems as necessary.

My list this year? Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother seasons, the original Star Trek movies, Blackhawks tickets, good wine, a pair of fabulous knee-high boots from ALDO and the Decemberists, Arctic Monkeys, Norah Jones and Ramones CDs and lots of clothes, of course. For now.

{photo via}


happy weekend

I can't believe it's Friday already! I'm so ready for the weekend though.

Tonight I'm going to the Comedy Club with a big group of friends. I haven't been there since college when we used to go every few weeks. Then, on Saturday, we're all heading to a Badger bar in Madison {as if there were any other kind around} to watch our boys take on rival Michigan University. {Boy do I hate those Wolverines.}

Also planned: starting my Christmas shopping, brunch with family, watching the Packer-Cowboy game, coffee with a few girlfriends and a little reading {outside I hope}.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

{photo via tumblr}


moody colors

I think it's so interesting how you can change the entire mood of a photograph just by altering the colors. I was playing with a few of mine earlier {I think the second photo looks pretty creepy}:


battle studies

John Mayer is set to release his latest album, Battle Studies, later this month. His seductive, smooth voice combined with those mad guitar skills, it's bound to be great. I think I may pre-order it. His albums just keep getting better {with the exception of a few songs on the Continuum album}. I wish I could watch him just play around with his guitar- I'm positive he's much better than he gets a chance to be on his songs.

{I'm also really excited about the duet with Taylor Swift.}


sped pelicans

Today my friends and I are heading to the Boathouse to defend our title as trivia champs!
Last week we not only won the first and second rounds, we won the entire game. {Clean sweep!} There were a few ridiculously random questions, but luckily, we had a few ridiculous people on our team. You could tell from our team name: the Sped Pelicans.

I'm excited for a repeat of last week. {Knock on wood.} Wish us luck!

{Photo via flickr}



I'm not really a fan of scary movies. Actually, I'm a wuss. I cover my eyes when horror movies preview during my TV shows-- and they still give me nightmares. Until about a week ago I used to cover my eyes and ears whenever something about the CW show Supernatural came on TV. Now, I'm addicted to it.

My friend's constant praise of the show convinced me to give it a chance. It's tortured, dark and disturbing. I love it. While I haven't slept well since I began watching, I can't stop. It's just too good.

I finished season one in less than a week. On to season two.


halloween weekend

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

I had a pretty low-key Halloween- it was great. I never think of great Halloween costumes until after the holiday, which is why I usually end up with a pretty boring one.

This year I was a fairy- cliche, I know- but it was cute. My big sister always comes up with the most creative costume ideas.

She was a Roy Lichtenstein pop art painting this year. I wish I had a better picture because it was such a creative, well-made costume, I'm sure.
{I stole this one from her facebook page}

I'm a little sad Halloween is over but next up is Thanksgiving and then Christmas so I have a lot to look forward to!


rainy day

One of my favorite blogs {Color Me Katie} had a fantastic rainy day idea... a fun, little quiz.

The first thing to make you smile today:

The giggles and smiles of my two-year-old friends. It's so adorable and contagious.

Your favorite thing to do:

Sit at a coffee shop with friends and talk for hours where conversation never breaks and caffeine is devoured by the mug-full.

Favorite Memory:

Watching Jeopardy with my Grandpa and counting correct answers on my fingers. He was always counting on his toes before I made it to my second hand, but it was still fun. I loved hanging out with my Grandpa.

Where you want to be right now:

In Boston. I thought it was beautiful when I went there in the summer but I bet it is ten times as beautiful in the fall. I would love to sit on a blanket in Boston Public Gardens, sip a latte and read for hours.

This was fun for a rainy day, but I hope tomorrow is nicer outside.

{image via flickr}
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