New Kitchen Favorites

I just bought new sets of wine and martini glasses.

Unfortunately, they're going to sit in my closet for a while until I find a new apartment. I can't wait to have a sophisticated dinner or cocktail party so I can use them.


Gloomy Day

Today was a really gloomy day. To make myself feel better, I made hot chocolate, wrapped up in a blanket, and watched my favorite movie- Casablanca.

A New Collection

You know how people always ask if you have skeletons in your closet? I don't, but I have other things that I don't want anyone to find. For instance, I have hundreds of postcards hiding in a cigar box and shoeboxes full of pez dispensers.

Don't ask my why I chose to collect those items as a child or why I still can't get rid of them. I really don't know.

I've decided that I need to start a new collection, but I can't figure out what. It has to be something that I'm really interested in and has meaning but I don't want it to become too large or obnoxious in the end. Oh, decisions.

Maybe pictures of Humphrey Bogart, I seem to have a lot of those...


Farmers' Markets

One of the things I miss most about summer's in Madison is the farmers market. The Dane County Farmers Market is the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the country. It's huge and it's friendly.

Since I couldn't go to Madison for the farmers' market, I went to one in Wicker Park last year. It's definitely tiny compared to Madison, but I like it. To me, farmers' markets make it feel so much more like summer. Plus, I LOVE fresh fruit and vegetables. I think I'll go next weekend.


Dear Friend...

I wish I could design stationary for a living. I wish people used stationary more. Maybe it's the sixty-year-old woman in me, but I prefer handwritten notes to emails. Actually, I adore handwritten notes. And I despise emails.

When I was in college my grandpa couldn't hear too well on the phone, so we mailed each other notes all the time. Mostly, they didn't say anything special, just a 'hi' and 'I love you', but they definitely meant something more.

I think people lose that in emails. It's really hard to be meaningful when writing an email. No matter what, they always seem impersonal and almost sterile. I prefer handwritten notes.

I still have all of the letters my grandpa sent me. Sometimes when I'm sad, I take them out of their cigar box and read them, like it was the first time. It always makes me feel better.

I decided that I'm going to start leaving friends notes everywhere, I think it will make their days better.

{photo via etsy}


Plants Don't Like Me

I am so bad with plants that I once exploded a cactus- a plant that’s nearly impossible to kill.

His name was Ronald. (I name all my plants in hopes that will give them reason to live.) I like to think of Ronald’s departure less as a sad occasion and more as an explosive tribute to my black thumb.

The only thing about this that makes me sad is that people always say to get a plant before a getting a pet or having a child. I can only hope that should I have either of those someday, they would fare much better.


Happy Places

Do you have any special places that make you happy just being there?

Me? I have tons: the Terrace in Madison, I could sit outside all day and have before; Wrigley Field, you can't ignore the excitement; the Art Institute of Chicago; and any coffee shop with friends... to name a few.

I get the excited tingles and a cheesy smile whenever I'm there. I love that feeling.

photo via city-data.com

Artistic Taste of a Man

I’ve been told many times that I have very depressing taste in books. And yet, I can’t get myself to buy any "girly" books like ones by Nicholas Sparks (which I’ve heard can also be sad but is still probably better than Children of Jihad by Jared Cohen, my current obsession).

My friend John and I recently went to a bookstore together where he teased me about my choice in books- yet again. I don’t understand why, if a guy can read books targeted at women, I can’t. I honestly do not have any interest in reading books like Confessions of a Shopaholic-- the movie was painful enough.

I guess I just have the literature, musical and cinematic taste of a man. (Well, most men.)


Oh, Mrs. Robinson

I love Masaya Kuroki's new line that uses Ben Braddock from The Graduate as inspiration. Great classic styles, plus, I'm kind of digging the nerd feel that I get from these designs. Check out more on The Pipeline blog.

Now, if only someone would design a line based on Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. That would be amazing. I wish I could put outfits together like her character.

The Most Important Decision in Baseball

I've been to quite a bit of baseball games lately. (It's my favorite sport. Go Cubs!) My favorite part of the game itself is defense. I know there are no ridiculous statistics on amazing catches in the outfield or a diving play at short, but I think it's definitely the most exciting aspect of the game.

One of my favorite parts of the baseball park experience is hearing batters' walk-up songs. From what I understand, most players have some input in the song choice decision. This got my friend and I thinking, what song would we chose as our walk-up song? What song would you chose?

The first song to come to my mind was 'Black Betty' by Ram Jam. It's fun, fast and pumps you up- what more could you want for a walk-up song?

Other song ideas (with really no effort put into this): 'London Calling' by The Clash, 'Body Movin' by Beastie Boys or 'Pump it Up' by Elvis Costello.


Golf Soon... Or Else

It was beautiful outside today. A perfect day for golf.

I haven't made it out yet this year, but I will soon. My sister and I made my dad an offer he can't refuse: Until he takes us golfing, Maggie and I are going to buy one article of clothing a week to wear at the course- Caddyshack-style.
I have two items so far and she has one. If I was him, I would set a tee time soon.

photo via Flickr Pikturz
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