I Am Andy McDonald

My cousin started a blog recently to showcase his comedic talent. He's been writing jokes, skits and blog posts for years as well as doing stand up. You should really check out his blog; it's hilarious!

One of my favorite posts:

10 New Ben & Jerry Flavors

Lindsay Lohan's "Caught Lohanded"
Ginger, craisins, a discounted five fingers of whiskey, and a smattering of court dates.

Charlie Sheen's "Rehabananas"
Coke flavoring, two and a half scoops of random nuts, and bananas... tons of bananas.

Senator John Boehner's "Raging Boehner"
Pure rich white vanilla, rubbed down in caramel coloring, and man tears.

WI Governor Scott Walker's "Classless RE: Unions"
A lovely combination of Wisconsin's best native ingredients, broken up with a single wiener at the center. Taken rectally. Best served at zero degrees.

President Barack Obama's "Yes Pecan!"
Packed with promise, theoretically thought to be the most delicious ice cream available, though no one knows as it melts and evaporates under even minimal atmospheric pressure.

Glenn Beck's "White Chalk-olate-Tea Party"
White chocolate, pieces of real fox, and tea leaves for predicting the inevitable apocalyptic future. Rewrite history with the special blackboard container!

Fox News Host Megyn Kelly's "Y, God, Y?"
Looks real good, but leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Includes chocolyte chyps, gyn, raisyns, and a hynt of mynt.

Muammar Ghaddafi's "Coffee Ghaddafi"
A hyper-caffeinated coffee flavor that never seems to want to leave, is filled with nuts, and only hurts you because he loves you so much. Carton topped with a cute little hat.

Barry Bonds' "Berry Suspiciously Delicious"
Powerful, full-bodied chocolate number, accented with raspberries, shrunken prunes and a huge melon flavor.

Donald Trump's "Dits & Pieces"
A colorful wealth of show, but very little to sustain you. This tower of empty calories is combed through with a touch of lemon to make your face pucker. A favorite among female model types. Featuring Ben & Jerry's first ever holographic carton top. It looks like it's there, but it's not!

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