Shout Outs

My rival newspaper in college always "out sold" mine on Wednesdays. Not because the content was better than the Daily Cardinal {because believe me, it wasn't} but because Wednesdays were Shout Out days.

During the week, students submit shout outs on the paper's Web site and hope they are published in the newspaper on Wednesday. Shout outs can be about anything- and they are.

{Here are a few random submissions: SO to the guy biking in only his under armour spandex. Biking without shoes or a shirt...you have balls young sir. AND SO to the guy riding a unicycle and texting in a large crowd of people. You are the coolest one around.-- Most are even funnier.}

Shout Out to Oprah. Man, that woman can pick some good books. {Middlesex, The Reader, The Bluest Eye}
SO to the start of the football season. I will now have plans every Sunday, Saturday, Monday and sometimes Thursday. {Go Pack, Go!}
SO to Argo Tea. You are slowly chipping away at my addiction to coffee. Slowly.
SO to Midwestern weather. I really don't mind leaving my house wearing jeans and a tank top, carrying a sweater, umbrella and gloves-- in August.
SO to Diet Coke. I wouldn't make it through a day with 24 screaming 2-year-olds without you.
SO to Gerard Butler. You are one sexy man. Please don't ever change.

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