rainy day

One of my favorite blogs {Color Me Katie} had a fantastic rainy day idea... a fun, little quiz.

The first thing to make you smile today:

The giggles and smiles of my two-year-old friends. It's so adorable and contagious.

Your favorite thing to do:

Sit at a coffee shop with friends and talk for hours where conversation never breaks and caffeine is devoured by the mug-full.

Favorite Memory:

Watching Jeopardy with my Grandpa and counting correct answers on my fingers. He was always counting on his toes before I made it to my second hand, but it was still fun. I loved hanging out with my Grandpa.

Where you want to be right now:

In Boston. I thought it was beautiful when I went there in the summer but I bet it is ten times as beautiful in the fall. I would love to sit on a blanket in Boston Public Gardens, sip a latte and read for hours.

This was fun for a rainy day, but I hope tomorrow is nicer outside.

{image via flickr}

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