new moon

I jumped on the Twilight train a little late. So late that I didn't have to wait at all for a book release but instead read through all four in a couple weeks. {I have no patience so this worked out perfectly.}

It was tough waiting for the movies though. I was really excited for the New Moon release... until about a month ago. That's when the hype, anticipation and obsession just became a little too overwhelming. I don't want to choose 'Team Jacob' or 'Team Edward.' I don't want to be bombarded with advertisements, talk-show appearances and mentions every time I turn on the TV or flip open my computer. It's just too much; makes me lose interest.

A month ago I was really excited to see New Moon. Now, I think I may wait until it hits video stores.

{I also find both of the main characters to be slightly annoying.}

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