this weekend

i was lucky enough to spend this weekend with some of my best friends from college. it's so hard to get together now that we're all in different places in our lives: grad school in D.C., med school in Chicago, med school in Memphis, working in Phoenix, Madison and Milwaukee... but this time it happened to work out great!

we sipped wine over a fabulous Italian dinner, watched disney movies and stayed up late talking about everything, ate a delicious breakfast at the green lantern {a restaurant on the lake, not a gay bar in DC :)}, met for coffee and more long conversation with friends {and had the best tomato bisque soup i've ever had} and even did a little shopping.

GREAT weekend with AMAZING friends!

i'm just sad that one friend flew in all the way from South Carolina and i didn't get to see him. it all can't work out so well, i guess.

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