my year in photos

January: rang in the new year with good friends.

February: a one-on-one with Chicago's mayor Daley. all part of being a Medill reporter.

March: harborside.

April: Easter with the family.

May: one of the many baseball games I went to this spring.

June: on the train to my masters graduation at Northwestern University.

July: spur-of-the-moment trip to Memphis with friends. lovely city.

August: a trip to Arizona with some of my best friends. it was hot.

September: changing colors.

October: homecoming football game, and lots of others too.

November: warm colors and cold nights.

December: a lot of cuddling with this cutie in bed, reading.

{february image taken by mayor daley's photographer}

1 comment:

  1. I started laughing (out loud) when I saw that Daley picture. I almost forgot about that! I look like I'm either in shock or falling asleep. Probably a little of both.

    Thanks for that :)


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