new years resolution update

the new year is approaching. every year at this time i get a little bummed that the year is over. i'm excited to start a new year. i have to make a new new years resolution list. i feel that big things are ahead.

here's how i did on last years...

learn Italian.
{definitely didn't do well with this one. though i did learn some sign language if that makes up for it at all.}

stay in touch with friends more.
{it was tough, but we've all kept in touch pretty well, especially considering the hundreds of miles between us. i think i can always do better though. this may make a reappearance on the list for next year.}

read good books in bed.
{done. and lots of not-so-good books. i have been compiling a pretty big list of new books and authors to read next too. i'm pretty excited about some.}

write more.
{yes and no. i originally meant short stories, but i didn't do too well with that. i have been writing a lot of essays and commentaries though. i like it. it's fun.}

make plans and commit.
{not sure what i even meant by this. but i think i have. mission accomplished.}

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