fantasy football

are you ready for some... fantasy football? it's that time of the year again. for the past three years, the same group of friends and i have created a fantasy football league. it's pretty fun, though i only did really well one of those years. {i blame that i don't put winning first, like everyone else does. but more on that later.}

some of the guys in the league take it very seriously. to them fantasy football means bets, trash-talking, watching every game and lots and lots of studying before the draft. my way of preparing for the draft is slightly different than them though. yes, i read the charts and compare players based on basic athletic ability, but when i comes down to it, i pick the players i like the most. {sometimes regardless of football skills.}

for example, as a die-hard green bay packer fan, i would never ever draft a current or former minnesota viking. {i HATE the vikings more than any other professional sports team.} also, players like randy moss, tom brady or jeremy shockey wouldn't make my team because i just don't like them. {just because you're a professional athlete it doesn't mean you have to be arrogant or a jerk.}

i'm glad some of my favorite players are ranked pretty high- like aaron rodgers- and would actually help my fantasy scores. in an ideal world though, my team would be all packers {and maybe a few former packers} and i would win my league because the players are so good that they also won the superbowl. in an ideal world.

well, i should start looking a bit at those charts.

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