flaming disaster

the craziest thing happened the other night. i was asleep, it was about 4am, when i saw a flash of light in my bedroom. half-awake, i gazed around my room and saw that on the table at the foot of my bed, my iPod was a little ball of flames.

in my sleepy state, lacking all logic, i put out the flames. unfortunately, while doing so, i burned a hole in my comforter and got burn blisters on my fingers. {i had to smother my hand with neosporin and cover it with gauze pads before attempting to go back to sleep.} isn't that crazy, though? who ever heard of an iPod that transforms into a fire ball?

i'm really upset about all of this though. {and my hand hurts.} i'm just glad i was at home when this occurred. what would have happened if i was in the other room or out of town when this happened? i wouldn't have had a home anymore.

i think apple should at least replace my iPod, but i doubt that is part of their customer service policy.

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  1. I would call them and see about that. Yikes!!


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