10 things that are making me ridiculously happy

it is wednesday, hump day, the most difficult day of the week to get through. but, surprisingly, i'm having a great week and i choose to focus on that instead. writing things down always makes them seem more real to me, if that makes any sense at all, and so here are my reasons for being so perky on a wednesday. 

  1. face-splitting smiles, like the one above 
  2. fancy fall drinks... pumpkin spice lattes, carmel apple lattes, carmel apple cider
  3. badger football wins
  4. wearing cardigans and scarves
  5. visiting the pumpkin farm... just like when i was young
  6. catching up with old friends from out-of-town
  7. long conversations over red wine
  8. nostalgia through old photographs
  9. family flying in from all over for get-togethers 
  10. leaves changing colors and drives on country roads

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