Christmas movies

I finally have extra time to enjoy the holiday season so I'm going to spend it watching Christmas movies. There are a few Christmas movies that I could watch any time of the year, but most I save for December because they make it feel like Christmas time, officially. My favorites {somewhat in order}:
  1. The Bishop's Wife
  2. White Christmas
  3. Miracle on 34th St {both versions}
  4. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  5. It's a Wonderful Life
  6. Home Alone
  7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  8. Santa Claus
  9. Holiday Inn
  10. Muppet Christmas Carol

*I know many people would put "A Christmas Story" at number one, but I think it was shoved on me too much as a kid to ever fully enjoy it. Remember, this list is of personal opinion and not created based on cinematic merit.

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