Classroom advent calendar

To make Christmas a bit more special for my very young students, I stayed up very late on night to make a classroom advent calendar. Since we don't have school on Saturday and Sunday, we'll have to do an extra one on Fridays and Mondays. I was worried that my kids wouldn't understand how the calendar, or worse yet not be interested, but they seem to be really enjoying it so far. Every morning, we take down one envelope and read what the little surprise the day is going to bring us. They love it. 

A few classroom appropriate ideas... 

  1. Open a new book to read today.
  2. Grab a blanket, stuffed animal and cuddle up for a holiday movie.
  3. Baby, it’s cold outside. Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.
  4. Decorate Christmas cookies for Santa.
  5. We need a little more Christmas, add some cheer to the tree.
  6. Make a special craft for Mom.
  7. Must be Santa, let’s write him a letter.
  8. A special Christmas treat.
  9. Make Christmas cards.
  10. Spread the holiday cheer, go caroling around school.
  11. Let’s rock around the Christmas tree, dance party!
  12. Read a new Christmas story.
  13. Learn about holidays in another culture.
  14. Let’s walk in a winter wonderland, decorate the windows.
  15. Deck the halls. Decorate the hallway for a special holiday lunch.
  16. Color a Christmas picture.
  17. Read ’Twas the Night Before Christmas
  18. Learn a new Christmas song to sing to a friend.
  19. Celebrate Christmas.
  20. Pretend you’re outside and go ‘ice skating’ in your socks.
  21. Make a paper chain of our favorite part of Christmas
  22. Be a little silly and paint your faces.

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