The Tim Tebow puzzle

I think it's been established that I'm a football fan. However, despite my knowledge of the game, I never win in my fantasy football league. There's a simple explanation for that: when drafting players, I evaluate them based on athletic ability, focus, drive and off-field personality. Yes, their personality. Which is probably why I've never drafted Tom Brady or Randy Moss.  I appreciate players who are genuinely nice people and understand their role as role models. People like Donald Driver or Peyton Manning. 

But then, I also like puzzles. So this discussion takes me to quarterback Tim Tebow. He is obviously a good role model, but is he a bit too much? I honestly can't decide. I respect his deep faith and trust in God, but sometimes I feel that he uses his position as a public figure to display those beliefs inappropriately, such as wearing Bible verses on his eye black. He is definitely a confusing figure {and a polarizing one as well}, but I don't think anyone understands this more than the great social commentator Chuck Klosterman. He can explain this puzzle a little better than I can. 

"This, I think, is what makes Tebow so maddening to those who hate him: He refuses to say anything that would validate the suspicion that he's fake (or naïve or self-righteous or dumb)."
- Chuck Klosterman

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