Brewery tour

I like beer. That's no surprise. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to join her and other friends on a brewery tour, I jumped at the chance. Before embarking on our tour of hops, distillers and other brewing necessities, we enjoyed a delicious fish fry while watching the young and old polka. {Only in Wisconsin would all these things happen.} The tour at Lakefront Brewing itself was fantastic. We were lucky enough to get a young brewery tour, Mike, who though a mixture of inappropriate jokes, off-handed comments and Lucille Ball impersonations kept us laughing throughout the entire tour. Well, him and the drunk older ladies slurring ridiculous comments. 

Also, I decided that I will forever be a fan of brewery tours because I was able to try several new brews. I may even have a new favorite {Klisch}! If you are ever in the Milwaukee area, stop and try a tour or few of Lakefront Brewing's best.  

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