Organizing Memories

I always carry my camera and I take pictures of everything. But with a digital camera it's so easy to take a ton of pictures and forget about them as soon as they're loaded to your computer.

In high school I was really good at organizing all of my photos into books as soon as I developed film but I have been terrible at it since then. I just feel like I never have the extra time to sit down and organize so many photos (even though I know the task keeps getting bigger the longer I wait).

This past week I had some free time so I decided to organize a book of photographs. After looking through pictures on my computer for a while and getting sentimental, I ended up printing more than 600 pictures! (This was about 500 more than I was planning.)

After a day of watching Will&Grace and organizing photos, I now have 5 books to look at whenever I feel like reliving my college years. While I really enjoyed going through old pictures, I think from now on, I'll try to keep up on printing and organizing photos.

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