little notes

dear syreeta.
i don't trust anyone else with my hair. especially after the last disaster. thanks for doing such a great job and making a haircut so much fun.

dear samantha, jessi, rachel, lindsey and alyssa.
i'm so glad we were all able to meet for brunch and spend the day together. i miss our long coffee talks and movies nights like in college. i'd pull many more all-nighters if that meant more time with you all.

dear snow plows.
thanks for going down every road in town except mine. big help.

dear laura.
i know i already said it, but you did an amazing job in the play. i am so incredibly proud of you. i can't wait to see your next performance.

dear green tea.
sorry for avoiding you lately. we will meet again soon, i promise, because i miss you.

dear dan.
i miss you greatly. i have even been seriously considering a trip to south carolina to visit. possibly a road trip.

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