my two year old friend for having the sass of a teenager and at such a young age. and it's mainly to the boys.
3 points.

my friend dana for bringing me coffee at work on a day I desperately needed it.
6 points.

a very old friend i ran into at a coffee shop. and caught up with for a while.
2 points.

the boy for cooking a delicious meal. i can't wait to see what other amazing dinners he has in mind.
5 points. {3 for being a boy and cooking, 2 more for it being delicious}

my girls on our night out. dinner and a movie with two of my bests from back home. {not the greatest movie, but a lovely night nonetheless}
3 points each.

the guy who decided the perfect saturday night included dressing up as citizens of other countries, drinking beer and playing games. yeah for beer olympics.
2 points. {5 points for team france}

{i know i haven't updated my points list in a while, but i have been awarding them when deserved}

{image via flickr}

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