The Most Important Decision in Baseball

I've been to quite a bit of baseball games lately. (It's my favorite sport. Go Cubs!) My favorite part of the game itself is defense. I know there are no ridiculous statistics on amazing catches in the outfield or a diving play at short, but I think it's definitely the most exciting aspect of the game.

One of my favorite parts of the baseball park experience is hearing batters' walk-up songs. From what I understand, most players have some input in the song choice decision. This got my friend and I thinking, what song would we chose as our walk-up song? What song would you chose?

The first song to come to my mind was 'Black Betty' by Ram Jam. It's fun, fast and pumps you up- what more could you want for a walk-up song?

Other song ideas (with really no effort put into this): 'London Calling' by The Clash, 'Body Movin' by Beastie Boys or 'Pump it Up' by Elvis Costello.

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