Dear Friend...

I wish I could design stationary for a living. I wish people used stationary more. Maybe it's the sixty-year-old woman in me, but I prefer handwritten notes to emails. Actually, I adore handwritten notes. And I despise emails.

When I was in college my grandpa couldn't hear too well on the phone, so we mailed each other notes all the time. Mostly, they didn't say anything special, just a 'hi' and 'I love you', but they definitely meant something more.

I think people lose that in emails. It's really hard to be meaningful when writing an email. No matter what, they always seem impersonal and almost sterile. I prefer handwritten notes.

I still have all of the letters my grandpa sent me. Sometimes when I'm sad, I take them out of their cigar box and read them, like it was the first time. It always makes me feel better.

I decided that I'm going to start leaving friends notes everywhere, I think it will make their days better.

{photo via etsy}

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