If I Could Live Anywhere...

I've been applying to a lot of jobs lately and, though I know I will mostly have to start in a small town, I would love to live in a big city. I've been thinking a lot about cities I would love to live in the most.... Here is my list of cities I would love to live in most (in no particular order).

{Also, keep in mind that I love cities with history, character and personality.}

{San Francisco}


{San Diego}

{Minneapolis/St. Paul}




{New Orleans}

I have never been to a few of these cities (San Francisco, Portland and Austin), but I'm sure I would enjoy them.

{Photos via Flickr, in order: 1. vgm8383 2.Gigapic 3. zoltaan 4. moonjazz 5. Craig S 6. Visualist Images 7. Pear Biter 8. Thomas Hawk}

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