A Little Bit of Memphis

My trip to Memphis was fabulous. We spent the afternoon at the Civil Rights Museum where I have never felt so amazed, proud and ashamed at the same time. It was a moving experience. We also spent time wandering around the downtown area, visiting the zoo and got dinner at a cute Irish pub. (I know, Irish isn't really Memphis, but we stopped for BBQ later on the trip. One word: Delicous. Capital D.) Overall, a great mini-vacation.

A few observations of Memphis--
  • It is much more spread out than I thought it would be. There's really no large 'downtown.'
  • First thing I learned: "If the street is named after a president, avoid it."
  • The best BBQ ever really is found in Memphis. (Check out Central if you go.)
  • It's odd how there are little pockets of terrible neighborhoods in the middle of nice ones.

A wall mural in the downtown area.

The Memphis Zoo. Definitely one of the best I've been to.

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