chicago celebrations

today chicago celebrates. thousands of blackhawks faithful will line wacker dr. to cheer for their stanley cup champions. there will be cheering, screaming, chanting and probably a few tears.

boy, do i wish i could be there. unfortunately, i will be at work, probably checking the chicagoist and chicago tribune for updates and photos. this season has been absolutely incredible. from the start, it was clear we {yes, we} had a shot at the cup with the amazing talent of jonathan toews, patrick sharp, patrick kane, dustin byfuglien, marian hossa {jury's finally in on the ex-wing: he's ok in my book}, kris versteeg and the ridiculous defensive pair of brent seabrook and duncan keith. i'm forgetting to name so many other amazing players. i mean, c'mon, the hawks had 6 olympians and 4 of them were medalists.

point is, they're a young team and they play with amazing heart. you have to respect and admire that.

game 6 ended in probably the most anti-climatic stanley cup win {kane slipped the puck in, but no one seemed to know for sure except him}. it was sort of "yeah, we won! did we win? what... yeah, we won!" i don't care how it happened, it happened. for the first time since 1961.

this season, and more importantly, this stanley cup playoffs run has severly damaged my nerves. the games were so good, so close, so incredibly exciting that i may invest in a defibrillator for next season. but, boy do those deserve the cup. good job blackhawks and happy celebrating, chicago!

also, adam burish, it's good to see a badger with the cup!

{image via chicagoblackhawks}

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