Letters from abroad

I’ve been writing to my best friend in Rwanda for a while now, but I finally got a letter back. When I saw the ragged, duct-taped letter in my mailbox with stamps of iguanas, straw-hut villages and dancing men, an enormous smile crossed my face and, I’m slightly embarrassed to say, a giggle escaped my lips. I’ve gotten emails and Facebook messages from Jessi, but there’s something special about a hand-written letter. She posted the letter about a month ago, so I’m sure much has happened in both our lives during the postal journey, but I’m glad to get the letter nonetheless.

Today I’m heading to the coffee shop and plan to write one long note than I’m sure will make her giggle too… about a month from now.

{image via pibburns}

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  1. As usual, the film adaptation of this just isn't as textured as the story you get with the novel. Not to mention the fact that the sequence of things, and events just aren't really the way they are in the book.


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