Bookman's Alley

As you all know, I'm a book nut. I could spend entire days in coffee shops reading or the library browsing. I've actually been known to spend afternoons at Barnes & Noble where I leave with one book and a list of 20 more that I want to read.

Barnes & Noble is great, but it lacks the personality, character and dusty book bindings that I think all bookstores need. The other day I stopped at my favorite {used} bookstore of all time, Bookman's Alley in Evanston, Ill.. You can see by the pictures just how incredible it is. The store, about five rooms linked together, is scattered with odd artifacts, interesting artwork and cluttered with new and old books. I simply adore the stacks of books, journals, postcards and more that cover tables throughout the shop. The handwritten genre designations and slightly confusing organization {or lack thereof} make finding a a book feel like a treasure hunt and a real accomplishment. But mostly, it's fun to sit down in a random section of the store and get lost in the books.

If they served coffee, it might very well be my favorite place ever.

{Sorry the photos are a little blurry. I didn't have my actual camera with me.}

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