the oscars

I admit I am one of the few people who did not watch the Oscars the other night. I actually never do. I get incredibly frustrated when critics tell me to see a movie that is “phenomenal” and they give two thumbs up and I think it’s terrible so I refuse to watch an awards show that focuses on many movies that I’ve never and most likely, will never see. It may be a tad out of spite, but I typically don't watch the movie that won 'Best Picture.'

But with that said, I heard Natalie Portman won best actress for her role in Black Swan. This is one award I completely agree with. The movie was a tad creepy and disturbing, but great and her acting was phenomenal. I also just really respect her as an actress and person.

On another Oscars note, I heard the two other movies I really want to see were big winners: True Grit and The Fighter. I hope to see both this weekend.

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