Book club

It's known that I love books. My friend Jessi does also. We used to sit at coffee shops for hours discussing our latest reads and those still on the list. Well, she lives in Washing D.C. now so we don't get to sip coffee and talk like we used to, however, we can still talk books. After years of searching for a good book club with no luck, Jessi and I have decided to create our own. Which, I suppose, isn't so much a "book club" as it is two people chatting about some book they read, but I LOVE the idea nonetheless. 

We're going to start with First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung and we already have a long list of others waiting. Can you imagine why we haven't found book clubs to interest us? Couldn't be due to our somewhat depressing taste in literature, huh? I'm really excited anyway. 

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