The Kite Runner graphic novel

I just finished reading The Kite Runner a Graphic Novel by Khaled Hosseini this afternoon. Most of my students think anything longer than a few pages is WAY too much to read. So to tempt students to read, the librarians at my school recently bought many new graphic novels. As the Kite Runner is one of my favorite novels, I decided to give the graphic novel a try. I heard that Hosseini actually approved all pages included in the book. To be honest, I appreciate the effort to interest teenagers in reading, however, I did not like the graphic novel version at all. It was like when you read a book and have images in your mind of how everyone should look and act. And then you see the movie and it's nothing like that. You lose so much emotion and detail when you move to the graphic novel version of stories. I highly suggest reading actual books, especially Kite Runner, rather than graphic novels. 

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