little notes

dear readers,
sorry i've been m.i.a. for a bit...school has become a bit overwhelming. too much lesson planning and rearranging stuff last minute. i'm going to try very hard not to disappear as often.

dear umpqua oats,
thank you for being a delicious alternative to my typical saturday morning breakfast of cinnamon roll and coffee.  you make eating healthy so much more appealing and easy.

dear students,
i am encouraged by your amazing participation and excitement during class lately. i hope to find pleasing ways to keep you excited about learning.

dear jessi,
your lengthy emails put a smile on my face. i love that though we cannot sit in coffee shops for hours upon hours discussing books and life, we are able to carry on that same long conversation through email. miss you, girl.

dear neighbor,
it is too cold for your dog outside. you know how i know that? he's been barking for the last two hours. please bring that poor pup inside.

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