Always Carry a Book

I always carry a book. I always read two at a time, which is probably why I own a collection of large bags in addition to a large collection of books. My taste in literature largely mirrors my taste in music: it extends across so many genres it almost confuses artistic diversity with indecisiveness. I generally read two books at a time so different in style and composition they could not be confused but for their wrinkled covers shaped by excessive traveling: mystery and satire; history and romance; biography and poetry.

Reading two books simultaneously helps keep my interest but also my sanity. I become too engrossed in the books I read to not need or deserve a break.

But my favorite author, by far, is Dorothy Parker. She defined an era, a movement with her satirical, socially conscious style. Her writing is witty, it's the devil on your shoulder you fight to ignore: it is blatant, bold and in-your-face. It’s the kind of writing I’d like to do.

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