A Very Manly Day

My friends and I are oddly drawn to depressing movies. A movie night with two of my good friends from college usually involved Rwanda, Middle East conflict or, the most frequent of all, World War II. We used to have to force ourselves to watch ‘happily ever after’ movies.

So last year when we all were without boys for Valentine’s Day, we (subconsciously) decided to have a very manly night. We ordered pizza, had a beer and watched six hours of Band of Brothers. We were rebels to the Valentine’s Day stereotype, I suppose.

This year my Valentine’s was far less manly, not sure if that’s better or not. I’m still not sold on the holiday, even when I have a boy to spend it with. (Personally, I would rather have a guy surprise me with flowers on a rainy Tuesday than buy me roses on Valentine’s Day, but that’s just me.)

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