Just Thinking....

When I was eight and my sister ten, we decided we were going to start a business together, “Dosey Doodles.” I would design and build the houses and she would decorate them, every house being an artistic expression of the Dosey sisters. When I decided writing was in my future and not architecture, we had to change our plans.

Though I changed my career goals at an early age, I never lost my love for architecture. I once had a great photographer look at some of my photographs. He said there was an terrible amount of boring building pictures with no people. There was. I think that I'm still in awe of great architecture. Ever feel that you made a decision too quickly and maybe if you thought more about it your life would be different?

Oh, well. My sister and I changed our plans; she would decorate the kitchens and I would write the paper that covered the breakfast table.

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