What to do with your bridesmaid dress

"And the best part about it... You can shorten it and wear it again."
"That's so true."

-27 Dresses
But, honestly, it's usually not. I'm lucky enough to absolutely LOVE the dress I'm wearing in my friend's wedding next weekend. Very lucky. I've been to several weddings in years past that I've actually been a little surprised and appalled by the bride's choice in dress. They were definitely not re-wearable. I'm thankful that my dress next weekend is a gorgeous midnight purple that I will definitely put on again.

While looking into weddings for my bride, I came across a silly little book about what to do with your bridesmaid dress after the wedding. A few suggestions were so funny, I thought I'd share...

"Show up for jury duty in it- you'll be back in your office in 10 minutes
It's just right for tea in Savannah
Wear your dress to guest host Wheel of Fortune
If you're bored, wear it to your little sister's prom
The athlete in your life would love a custom jock strap
You can never have too many hair scrunchies "

{101 Uses for a Bridesmaid Dress by Cindy Walker}

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