Annual golf outing

This morning my extended family gathered at our favorite golf course for our annual Fourth of July golf outing. This outing has been going on for as long as I can remember. And for as long as anyone else can remember for that matter. My Dad guessed it's been somewhere around 20 years. I loved listening to my Dad and his cousins reminiscing about the antics on the golf course in years passed. Apparently, my Grandpa used to sit with a cooler on the other side of the fence from the course and would pass beer over to family as they completed that hole. How funny is that? And how cool is my Grandpa?

My golf game wasn't as good as a few days ago, but I did OK. I had fun, especially spending time with family in the beautiful weather.

This was the best shot of the day. We joked that my Dad's imaginary friend Wally would have taken the shot...but my sister kicked the ball out from behind the tree instead.

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