Glee bracket

I’m a Gleek. I admit it. I am simply in love with the show, and Finn for that matter. So when my friend posted a link to a bracket deciding Glee’s all-time best song, I simply had to fill out my own. While I would have ended up with “Don’t Stop Believin’” no matter what, I think a few of the match-ups were unfair. Some were overly tough choices {like "Songbird" & "Blackbird" where I had a ridiculously tough time deciding} and some were no contest at all {like “Don’t Stop Believin’” & "Tik Tok"}.

Overall, I decided that I enjoy their spin on classic rock songs more than their covers of newer songs. When they cover classic rock songs, I think they are able to really make it their own, but there isn’t as much creativity involved in remaking the new songs. I’m pretty sure most classic rock songs would beat out newer ones on my bracket. Also, why weren’t more Rocky Horror Picture Songs Included? I LOVED those.

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  1. Very interesting choices. I'm excited to see how the bracket ends up going.


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