Do you have a place you love so much just the idea of going there makes you smile? It doesn't have to be a vacation destination or some spiritually-moving place, it can be anywhere. For me, it's a little hole-in-the-wall Costa Rican restaurant in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Irazu. The food is delicious and the atmosphere energetic, yet comforting. I want to bring everyone I know there to enjoy it just as I do!

The other day, I had a couple hours free between meeting friends so I ran out to Bucktown for a quick lunch by myself. {I get weird looks from people both at restaurants and after when I tell others that I went out for lunch alone, but I actually enjoy it. Sometimes I just need a minute to myself and why spend it sitting at home, might as well go out and enjoy it.}

{image via yelp.com}

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