little notes

dear auntie and uncle,
i don't mind cat sitting at all. well, except for that little part about being allergic to cats. ahhh ahhh ahhhchoo.

dear espys,
clearly aaron rodgers was the best make athlete. what were you all thinking giving it to someone else? did we watch the same games??

dear patrick,
thanks for passing on the old family recipe for kugeli. i only wish it didn't require the fine grating of 5lbs of potatoes. this is going to take time.

dear marisha,
thank you so much for the cubs tickets at wrigley, it was an amazing game and incredibly fun day. but it also made me realize how much i miss you. more plans soon?

dear chicago metra,
next time you want cops to take riders away in handcuffs, could you somehow do it faster, please? 30 minutes is a bit long.

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