my little friends for dressing up as uncle sam for our july 4th parade. 2 points {even though they are far too young to really worry about life points yet}

the middle-aged people at the coffee shop learning spanish. 3 points {they are good inspiration to relearn my italian and french.}

my boss for letting me go home early while still suffering from heat stroke symptoms. she’s a life-saver, literally. 10 points.

the writers of ncis for coming up with the best suspense/drama show I’ve watched in many years. I’m still trying to decide if they should receive negative points for the show being so addictive that all my work has been pushed aside for weeks in favor of watching a few episodes. naw, 5 points

the lady at the baseball game still rocking a fanny pack. keep going strong, that look will come back, i'm sure. 2 points

my friends at the tailgate taking a page from the book of MacGyver and constructing a makeshift rack to grill on after they realized they forgot their own. 4 points

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