Can I Tell You a Secret?

Every time I get on a plane, I panic for a minute after the flight attendant locks the door and I seriously contemplate throwing off my seat belt and running for the door. Every time. I don't think I'll ever get used to flying, I hate it so much. I'm just a bundle of nerves the entire time.

I think I'll have to conquer my fear of heights before I feel comfortable in a plane. I've been working on it though.

I heard the best way to learn to swim is by just jumping in (with supervision of course). This is my new method. Last week, I even climbed a mountain! OK, so I had a minor panic attack at the top, but I still did it! I even use ladders now.

{photo via Flickr p.joran}

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  1. I get really scared whenever we hit any kind of bump. I hate that feeling I get in my stomach. My sister is so scared of flying she takes medicine to knock her out (though that would only be good for trans-Atlantic flights). She said having a pilot with a British accent always makes her feel more at ease.


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