Movie Reviews: Thumbs Up and Down

Like I said before, I appreciate hearing friends' opinions on movies more than a critic's. Here's my thumbs up or down on a few movies I've seen recently.

I Love You, Man: Thumbs WAY up
Hilarious movie throughout. I wasn't a fan of Paul Rudd until a few years ago but now I swear he can't make a bad movie. They're all so funny. And Jason Segel is great also. Best part of the movie? The way Rudd's character Peter Klaven trips over his words... "totes my goats."

Plus, I'm developing a crush on SNL's Andy Samberg.

I'm not as into the books as other people (for instance my sister who was far more critical than I), but I thought the movie was very entertaining and well made. I don't remember the small details of the book to notice the inconsistencies so I loved the movie. (But the second will always be the best.)

Ron Weasley is by far my favorite character in the books.

The Ugly Truth: Thumbs up
Hilarious movie and definitely one for the guys as well as the girls, though it does has the typical chick-flick ending with no surprises throughout. Entertaining.

17 Again: Thumb up and Thumb down
It was an entertaining movie but could have been much better. I guess I wasn't expecting an Oscar-worthy movie though considering it starred Zach Efron. I suggest watching it if you're looking for mindless entertainment.

I've seen a lot of movies lately but there are a few that I'm still dying to see: (500) Days of Summer, Funny People, Julie & Julia, G.I. Joe and, most of all, The Time Traveler's Wife.

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  1. Ugh... You want to see The Time Traveler's Wife? Please no. The 4th Harry Potter is the best. And 500 Days and Julie & Julia are both good.


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